About Me
My name is Christina Miller, I have been Dedicated to the service industry for 18 years.  My passion has always been animals (dogs to be exact).  My Grooming Journey started 9 years ago when I started at ABC Animal College.
I have now been Professionally Grooming for 7 years.  Continuing my education so I can provide a calmer, and comfortable experience for every pet and pet parent is my Goal!  Throughout my career I have taken extensive hours in certification courses on breed specific haircuts and styles, Skin and coat health, and CPR.  With my knowledge and experience My objective is to provide Top-Quality Service using high-end products geared towards your pet's skin and coat type.  Everything I do is designed for each pet individual needs.

What to Expect
With my service you can count on me, using my education to not only provide the best, convenient service possible.  But to also help all pet parents by alleviating the confusion on how to maintain your pets skin and coat for the longevity of their grooming.  My services will include 2 shampoos, 1 conditioner per breed, skin, coat type. Anal glands checked, ears cleaned and plucked if necessary, teeth brushed and evaluated for health, nails cut and filed smooth, coat completely blow dried, hand fluffed and combed out, or a deep de-shedding treatment to open their hair follicles and release that unwanted dead undercoat.  With a one-on-one cage free experience of luxury!  Your fury best friend will thank you!
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Serving SWFL from Lehigh Acres, North Ft. Myers - Naples